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Some scheduled ferries to Elba

Oglasa Traghetto di linea per Elba Compagnia Marittima Toremar

Ogasa Toremar

Ferry to Elba in general, Piombino Portoferaio built in 1980 is 91 m long. Capacity: 900 t.
Cruise speed 14 knots

Compagnia marittima Corsica Ferries - Isola Elba

Fast Ferry

The fast Elbe ferry: Corsica Ferrries Secoda of the Corsica Ferris Company is 105 m long Capacity over 1000 t
Cruise speed 22 knots

Traghetto di line su Elba Moby Lally - Moby Lines

Moby Lally

Ferry line on the Elbe: Moby Lally della Moby Lines company the ship is 118 m long, the average speed is 14 knots and 1000 tons. It was built in 1974

Traghetto veloce per l Elba Schiopparello Jet

Schiopparello Jet

It is the fastest ferry to reach Elba. it can carry about 150 people. Cruising speed of 34 knots. It takes 30 minutes for the Piombino Portoferraio route.

Giraglia Traghetto economico Low Cost per l Isola Elba

Ferry Low Cost

Giraglia Low Cost Cheap Ferry to Elba The crossing is generally made on the Piombino / Cavo section.
The northernmost port on the Island of Elba

Elba Traghetto Liburna - Toremar
Compagnia marittima Toremar - Traghetto Elba

Toremar shipping company

Tuscany Maritime Region, a maritime company founded in 1975, connects many islands of the Tuscan Archipelago such as Giglio, Pianosa, Capraia, Elba and Gorgona.

Corsica ferris traghetto veloce elba
Elba ferries

Elba Ferries ferry

Shipping company Elba Ferries (Corsica Ferries) is an Italian-French shipping company. A few years ago it also began to serve connections to the Island of Elba It completes the Piombino Portoferraio route with the fast ferry Corsica Express Second, the ship reaches 25 knots, manages to make the crossing in just 30 minutes

Elba Traghetto Compagnia marittima Blu Navy
Compagnia marittima Blu Navy

Elba Ferry Blue Navy shipping company

Blu Navy young Italian shipping company, born in 2010. It completes the Portoferraio Piombino sea route with a single ship, the Acciarello. Their slogan reads: BluNavy the Elbana shipping company.

Elba Traghetti Moby Llines

Moby Lines

Ferries Moby Lines, is one of the Italian naval companies that offers transport service for people and vehicles to the Tyrrhenian Sea, with focus on the lines from Genoa, Civitavecchia, Piombino and Livorno to Sardinia, the Island of Elba and Corsica

Ferry Elba Portoferraio/Piombino

It is the section in which the most trips are made. Journey time 45 minutes, 15 are required for starting and docking maneuvers, in total 1 hour.

The fast ferry makes the crossing in 30 minutes, the time for maneuvers is the same as for the other ferries.

During the period of greatest tourist turnout, a trip to the Island of Elba takes place every 30 minutes.

Ferry to the Island of Elba, Piombino Rio Marina

On the Piombino Rio Marina shipping line fewer trips are provided, the ship that generally runs the crossing is the Giovanni Bellini of the Toremar shipping company, the total time for the crossing is 45 minutes and 10 for the berth.

It is the recommended route if you need to reach the north-east part of the Elba Island.