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How to prevent sea sickness during the trip on the ferry.

It 'a malaise that affects some people, infrequent, but very annoying for the sufferer, when traveling on or tragghetti

And 'it caused by conflicting feelings that reach the brain: the information comes from the eyes to be firm, while the bodies balance reaches a motion signal.agostino-lauro-jet-traghetto-elba

This lack of coordination does generate a warning signal to the whole body and the first functions to be blocked are those of digestion.

Unlike common opinion, is not the movement itself to create the disorder.

This causes a malaise, accompanied by a sense of disgust and nausea; the subject is captured by pallor, cold sweats, headache, nausea and vomiting.

To avoid this simply synchronize your view to the real movements suffered, then staring at the horizon outside until you see firm and level, the environment of the ship around the subject should instead appear to move (typically a swing).

In short we must keep our eyes towards a fixed point on the horizon, the mainland (Elba), do not look down and what moves.

Also, do not read, watch TV.
In some people it can help to have a coffee or a chamomile.

Cheap Low Cost ferry to the island of Elba

Cheap Low Cost ferry to Elba

Generally the crossing is done on trafficking Piombino/Cavo traghetto-low-cost-elba-
The cable port is the one to the North of the island of Elba, the time required for the crossing is 25 minutes, traghetto-low-cost-elba-giraglia 15 minutes are then required for the operations, a total of 40 minutes.

Because trafficking is shorter, you can rip the ship ticket at a lower cost, the ferry that usually runs the service for the island of Elba is the Giraglia Moby Lines company.traghetto-low-cost-elba

Keep in mind that the port of unloading is the cable, the northern tip of the island of Elba. Depending on your meta traghetto-low-cost-giraglia-elba to reach the island of Elba, it drive a longer time (about 30 minutes) that landed at the port of Portoferraio.

Hydrofoil Fast Ferryfor Elba Portoferraio Piombino passenger Cavo only

traghetto-low-cost-elba-Hydrofoil Agostino Lauro Get is a fast ferry to the island of Elba, can carry only passengers.
Makes trafficking Piombino Portoferraio managing to make the crossing and docking maneuvers in 30 minutes, takes 10 minutes longer if making the Cavo port
Unable to perform the service for the island Elba if weather conditions are not favorable.

Ferry to the island of Elba is Portoferraio Piombino

Ferries Elba: Piombino/Portoferraio

It's trafficking in which carried out the largest number of corse, traghetto-low-cost-giraglia-elba percorrenza usually is 45 minutes, 15 are needed for starting and docking maneuvers, a total of 1 hour.

The fast ferry making the crossing in 30 minutes, the time for the maneuvers is the same as the other ferries.

In the period of greatest tourist turnout is made a run for the Elba Island every 30 minutes. traghetto-rio-marina-bella-elba

You will have a wide choice of the time and the ferry.

It is recommended to book the ship to avoid wait over for hours..